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  • Steam Jacketing of valves is essential wherever process fluids contain constituents having higher crystallization temperatures (Positive Temperatures) e.g. Sulphur (Crystallization temperature in-between 68-72 Degree Celsius)
  • Various units of refinery contain significant amount of sulphur (DSU, Tail Gas Line). Steam Jacketed Triple Offset valves are used for controlling the process flow in such critical lines.


  • Although the process lines in refinery work at a temperature much above the crystallization point of sulphur, during periodic maintenances and bypass uses the line allows sulphur to crystallize and deposit at all possible locations.
  • Crystallized sulphur even in minor traces located at the bearings jams the valve, similarly deposition on seat ring results in erosion and leakage if the valve is force fully operated.


  • For such critical application JoshiJampala Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Provides steam jacketed triple eccentric valves with internal heating arrangement.
  • The valve is thoroughly jacketed, and the pocket formed carries steam to all external locations on valve body providing effective heating mechanism for liquefying the crystallized sulphur on seat ring. This jacket also provides external heating at the gland housings for easing the blast effect to be produced at bearings.
  • The shaft is provided internal heating arrangement for providing the heat blast at bearings to de-crystallize the deposited sulphur.


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The use of maintained modern equipment and machinery empowering production efficiency fully fledged design and analysis lab ensuring zero errors. Combined with a dedicated team and proven systems, JJEPL is equipped with the knowledge and resources required to conform to the demands of the industry.