Join Our Team of Engineering Experts and Thrive in a Supportive Culture
At Joshi Jampala Engineering, we take immense pride in being a leading manufacturer of large size fabricated valves and dampers for critical applications, with a strong focus on the Iron & Steel and Oil & Gas industries. Our commitment to excellence and innovative solutions has established us as a trusted partner in these demanding sectors.
We believe that our success stems from the collective expertise and dedication of our employees. When you join our team, you become part of a supportive and collaborative culture that nurtures growth and celebrates achievements. We value open communication, teamwork, and a shared passion for engineering excellence.
Learning and Development Opportunities for Continuous Growth
At JoshiJampala Engineering, we foster a culture of continuous learning and development, recognizing that investing in our employees' professional growth is essential. We provide access to a wide range of training programs, workshops, and industry conferences, enabling you to expand your knowledge and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Whether it's through cross-functional projects, or mentorship programs, we are committed to supporting you in reaching your full potential.
Employee Engagement and Recognition
We believe that employee engagement is the cornerstone of a thriving workplace. At Joshi Jampala Engineering, we prioritise creating a positive and inclusive environment where every voice is heard, ideas are valued, and contributions are recognized. We promote a healthy work-life balance and offer comprehensive benefits packages.
Furthermore, we organize regular team-building activities, and employee recognition programs to foster camaraderie and celebrate the accomplishments of our exceptional team. We believe that a happy and engaged workforce is a catalyst for innovation and success.
Join Our Success Story
If you are passionate about engineering, designing, and manufacturing high-quality products that have a direct impact on critical industries, Joshi Jampala offers exciting career opportunities. As part of our team, you will collaborate with industry experts, work with state- of-the-art equipment, and contribute to projects that shape the future.
Welcome to Careers at Joshi Jampala Engineering!
We are an innovative engineering company dedicated to pushing boundaries. If you're passionate about cutting-edge technology, problem-solving, and making a meaningful impact, then you've come to the right place.
Join our talented team of engineers and be part of exciting projects that challenge your skills and ignite your creativity. Take the next step in your engineering career and explore the possibilities with us.
Current Openings
Project Management -Head
The ideal candidate will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing projects within the pre-decided budget, timeline, and scope. They will also effectively monitor and present project updates to relevant stakeholders, clients, or project team members.
Functions Performed in Organization: -
  1. Project planning, Monitoring and Control.
  2. Organising weekly review, ATR, Sunday meetings, Kickoff meetings etc.
  3. Time management for projects, trouble shooting for project successes.
  4. Cost monitoring, control and reporting.
  5. Customer communication.
  6. Analysing and mitigating project risk. (Cost and time)
  7. Productivity and through-put improvement of the operations.
  8. Identify and implement cost saving possibilities.
  9. Coordination within and outside the PMO
  10. Managing and keeping track of the project budget.
Responsibilities: -
  1. Delivering product orders (Project) on time
  2. Project completion within budget.
  3. Smooth effective communication and coordination with customers for project success.
  4. Aligning with customer priorities and preventing excessive inventory.
  5. Identifying no man’s land, stoppages and resolution.
  6. Monitoring and reporting project progress, evaluating project performance.
  7. Departmental presentations.
  8. ATR effectiveness, Project review effectiveness.
  9. Departmental review and problem resolution effectiveness.
  10. Training/ Learning Hrs.: – Managerial grooming, Communication Skills, Subordinate Delegation, PMO Dos and Don’t
Vendor Manager
Job Description
We are looking for a hard-working vendor manager to assist our company in making sound purchasing decisions. Responsibilities include monitoring vendors to ensure compliance with company policies, attending company meetings, and informing new vendors of their responsibilities. You should also be able to cancel vendor contracts should company vendors fail to perform adequately.
To be successful as a vendor manager, you should be detail-oriented and adept at negotiating vendor contracts. Ultimately, an outstanding vendor manager should be able to multitask effectively as well as demonstrate exceptional analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
Vendor Manager Responsibilities:
  1. Developing and sustaining long-standing relationships with company-approved vendors.
  2. Meeting with suitable vendors to assess their products, inquire about their services, negotiate pricing, and communicate any product or service-related concerns.
  3. Conducting research on available vendors to determine which vendors offer the best pricing and product quality.
  4. Continually monitoring sales trends to determine which products are more popular than others.
  5. Implementing vendor selection programs to ensure that the best vendors are secured.
  6. Conducting interviews with new vendors and informing approved vendors of their responsibilities and obligations.
  7. Establishing standards by which to assess the performance of approved vendors.
  8. Evaluating current vendor management programs and identifying ways to improve Them.
Vendor Manager Qualifications